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18 Amazing Ideas for Books Storage


18 Amazing Ideas for Books Storage

From the designers who love their job… and books!

Nearly two dozen unexpected and creative solutions for a very ordinary purpose. The book lovers have gone out of their way by creating these exquisite bookshelves.

1. Dr. Who shelf

It not only looks like the police box, in which the main character of this cult British TV show (35 seasons!) was travelling, but also once you open the doors it will play the music from Dr. Who!

2. This circular shelf is ideal for reflection… or sleeping

The designer of this shelf inspired by Asian travel libraries popular in the past, created the Archive II, symbolizing and uniting nomad’s library, transport system, and private space. Made in the shape of a wheel, this library allows you to step in and get lost with a ton of books. Currently, Archive II is owned by and exhibited in main library of the Danish Roskilde University.

archive 2 - wheel bookcase

3. Floral shelf

The owner of this extraordinary library in Venezuela didn’t want to have an ordinary TV on the wall of her living room and instead came up with this design of shelves forming a mandala (a Sanskrit word for “circle”) – the spiritual and ritual symbol of Indian religions, representing the universe.

4. Bookshelf chair

This handmade armchair entices by a rich selection of books.

5. Map of the USA

This masterpiece by designer Andrey Saltykov decorates his home in the UK. The “map” hanging in his living room is perfect for a geography lesson: the shelves are shaped into American States and there are 600 light bulbs symbolizing the country’s largest cities. Even distant Alaska and Hawaii are not left without attention; the shelves in the form of these states are hanging in other parts of the designer’s house.

6. Dome bookshelf

7. Cat-friendly shelf

This shelf ‘s design includes multiple steps that cats loving to watch over their territory will greatly enjoy.

cat friendly library

8. Floating shelves

Invisible clip will make your books “fly” along the walls.
flying shelves

9. Book worm

Shelf, which, thanks to its original curved shape and a lamp at the top, is also a convenient place where you can relax with a book in hands.

bookworm bookcase

10. Light up book shelf


11. Scale Bookcase

Конструкция крепится на стену и позволяет наглядно увидеть соотношение уже прочитанных книг с теми, до которых руки пока не дошли… отличная мотивация.

12. Tree shelves

13. Another light up book shelf

Build-in bookshelves with backlighting

14. Piano shelf

15. Diamond shelf

By rotating usual shapes you can achieve some very interesting visual effects.

16. Bookshelf staircase

Every up and down on this staircase will end up with a book in your hands.

17. Honeycomb shelf

The hexagonal shape of the cell-shelves allows constructing practically any design.

18. Batman shelf