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8 Pumpkin Carving Designs for Halloween

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8 Pumpkin Carving Designs for Halloween

Get your house ready for Halloween

Get your carving tools ready because we want to make your house pretty for Halloween.

1. Seeing Spots and Dots

It may look sophisticated but this is very easily made. Sketch your pattern on the pumpkin with a marker and then use a power drill to make the holes. Make sure they don’t overlap. Placing the LED lights inside the pumpkin will light it up!

2. Happy Face

Carve a quirky face on your pumpkin, because no one wants to be boring on Halloween!

3. Whimsical Wallflowers

For a 3D effect, use a sharp lemon zester to carve only the top layer of pumpkin skin.

4. Pumpkin house

Carve windows and doors to make your pumpkin look like a tiny house.

5. Apple core

And you can eat the rest!

6. Baby pumpkin

7. Rocking pumpkins

Paint the pumpkin with the shades of heavy metal before carving them.

8. Pumpkin vase

Put flowers in a pumpkin instead of a vase. Simply cut out the center, clean out the pumpkin and place an empty clean can in the center and fill with your favorite fall flowers or a candle!