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Halloween Inspired Manicure – the Finishing Touch for a Perfect Party


Halloween Inspired Manicure – the Finishing Touch for a Perfect Party

Plus a little bit of history of traditional Halloween symbols

The name Halloween comes from the 16th century and means “All-Hallows-Even”, and is celebrated the night before All Saints Day. The festival itself originates from the Celtic celebration of the end of harvest Samhain, which is translated as the end of summer.
Orange and black are traditional colors used for Halloween decoration and costumes, with orange representing autumn and black representing longer nights starting in the fall.

1.Pumpkin Spiced Nails

Pumpkins can be scary too!

2.Black Cats

Black cats have always been an object of superstition. In many Medieval European countries black cats were considered bad luck bringers and were often associated with the witches. Witch hunters were sure that witches could transform into bats, black cats, spiders and other spooky creatures. That is exactly why all of them have become Halloween symbols.


Spiders have always been associated with the cycle of life and fate – a spider spins the web, bugs get trapped in the web to feed the spider etc. Also spiders love dusty abandoned houses (the best place to party on Halloween!), which is why the houses are often decorated with spiders on Halloween.


The skeletons are seen as a symbol of human mortality or fear of death.

5.Ghosts and other spooky symbols

The ghosts play their own role on the Halloween night, when all the dead are able to walk among the living.

6.And finally… bloody French manicure!