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Amazing Story of Orphaned Possum Joey and her Toy Kangaroo


Amazing Story of Orphaned Possum Joey and her Toy Kangaroo

The picture of an adorable four-month old possum joey, clinging to its toy kangaroo was posted on Facebook by Taronga Zoo, located in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

Abandoned and suffering from dehydration baby possum was found in a suburban neighborhood and brought to the Taronga Wildlife Hospital in Australia. The joey is now receiving around-the-clock care and is under constant surveillance. Vet nurse Felicity Evans, who took over the role of the mother, named the baby possum Bettina.

The love and proper care led to the amazing recovery pace. Felicity even made an impromptu “bag”, in which she carries the baby possum the way Bettina’s mother would and wakes up during the night to feed her.

At the hospital, Bettina made fiends with a toy kangaroo, she literally does not let it out of her tenacious paws.

“At this age she would naturally still be with her mother, so the soft toy gives her something to snuggle for comfort,” Felicity explained.

Once Bettina is ready, she will gradually be returned to the wild.

The Taronga Wildlife Hospital cares and treats more than 1,000 injured and orphaned animals every year.