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Tesla Model X: the World’s First Electric SUV


Tesla Model X: the World’s First Electric SUV

Future is here!

Over the last few years we had a little information and a few official images of the long-awaited new electric car from Tesla, but today, after the official launch, we finally learned all about Falcon Wing doors, mono seats, bioweapon defense mode and other amenities that Tesla Model X offers. The first lucky owners have already received their new cars.

Safety First

The creators expect the Model X to receive a five-star rating in all categories of crash tests. In case of a frontal collision, the biggest danger of a classical SUV with front-engine layout is the engine, which can be displaced in the interior (photo on the left), while for the Model X, due to the absence of the engine in front (photo on the right), the probability of injury to the driver and passengers in case of frontal collision is significantly reduced. Without a gasoline engine, the large front trunk acts as a giant impact-absorbing crumple zone that deforms in a collision and absorbs the impact energy, without causing harm to people in the cabin.

As far as the side collision is concerned, the numbers are amazing: two times better than the closest competitors – Audi Q5 and Volvo XC60, and the pictures below demonstrate the difference in numbers.

Moreover, the floor-mounted battery lowers the center of gravity so that the risk of rollover is about half that of any other vehicle in its class.

However, according to the creators of Model X, the best safety precaution is to avoid collisions. Thus, Model X continually scans the surrounding roadway with camera, radar and sonar systems, providing the driver with real-time feedback to help avoid collisions. Even at highway speeds, Model X is designed to automatically apply brakes in an emergency.

Model X Extends Life

Model X has two cabin filters: the primary filter is 10 times larger than the secondary, and the secondary filter exceeds the standard filter in size.

Filters’ dimensions, together with quality (they have three filtering layers) improve the cleanliness of the Model X cabin air by several hundred times and bring it to the level of cleanliness of the operating room: filter strips outside air of pollen, bacteria, viruses and pollution before circulating it into the cabin. But that’s not all, the Model X has a bioweapon defense mode that creates positive pressure inside the cabin to protect occupants.

Falcon Wings

Looking like Gull Wing, Falcon Wing doors are fundamentally different having two hinge design, which reduces the space needed for their smooth opening up to an incredible 1 foot (30 cm). The shape of the doors allows easy access to the second and third row seats, and the side and overhead opening is so large that parents can buckle children in without ducking or straining and without bumping their child’s head on the roof.

Moreover, using ultrasonic sensors in the doors, Model X automatically calculates the distance to a low ceiling, and only opens the door to a safe height.

Tesla Model X Models

The electric car is available in two models, both are equipped with the same battery of 90 kW/h and differ only in the power of the engine mounted on the rear axle.

  1. p90d
    Perfomance All-Wheel Drive
  2. 250 miles range (402 km)
  3. 3.8 seconds 0-60 miles per hour
  4. 3.2 seconds with Ludicrous Speed Upgrade
  5. 259 hp for front engine
  6. 503 hp for rear engine
  7. 155 miles per hour top speed (~250 km/h)
  1. p90d
    All-Wheel Drive
  2. 257 miles range (413 km)
  3. 4.8 seconds 0-60 miles per hour
  4. 259 hp for front engine
  5. 259 hp for rear engine
  6. 155 miles per hour top speed (~250 km/h)

Abbreviations for the models are deciphered as follows:
“P” – perfomance
“90” – power, kW/h
“D” – dual motor – two engines, one for each axis and, consequently, four-wheel drive.


Model X is able to achieve 257 miles of range (400+ km) in part because it has the most aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.24, which is 20% lower than the next best SUV. In addition, an active spoiler contributes to optimizing highway efficiency and stability.

Nice Little Things

You No Longer Need a Driver

Model X is able to determine the position of the driver and to recognize his or her movement towards the front door and automatically open the door, wait until he/she sits down, and close the door behind him/her, in the manner of an invisible driver.

Model X Cabin

Model X is available in six- and seven-seat interior layout options. Seven-seat cabin has increased seating capacity, while the six-seat cabin gives easy access to the third row of seats and frees up more space for luggage.

All the seats are a work of art!

Second-row seats recline independently, and due to a completely flat floor, the space under them can be used as an extra place to put luggage just like carry-on luggage on airplanes. To access the third row, you just have to push the button and watch the entire second row of seats slide aside.

Panoramic Windshield

Model X has the largest all glass panoramic windshield in production, providing a fascinating view of the stars and sky above from the front seats of the car.


Adapters for all popular phone models are built in the central tunnel, and will allow you to get rid of pesky wires in the cabin.


For outdoor activities enthusiasts, Tesla offers an easy-to-use rear cargo hitch mounted accessory for skis, snowboards and even bicycles.

In addition to seven passengers and a considerable amount of baggage that can be fitted in the cabin and two trunks, Tesla Model X, the first among electric vehicles, can tow a trailer weighing more than 5,000 pounds.

The first six owners received their car keys on the stage during the official presentation of the Model X, and soon the car will be delivered to those who dared to blindly spend an impressive amount of $132,000 on the new car. That is how much the basic version of the car costs in the United States, and you will have to pay $142,000 for the superior model P90D. Even if you order now, do not expect getting your new car before the second half of 2016. However if the price tag of Model X does not quite match your expectations, and the idea of owning an electric car doesn’t leave you, it makes sense to wait until March 2016, when the presentation of the most basic Tesla Model III takes place, the price of which starts at $35,000.